Cavin Gray Improv

(At Waymire Studio)

Next Class Starts June 12th, 2017


YOUTH 13 - 17 yrs: 6pm to 7pm (First class June 12th)
$120 for 6 weeks

ADULTS 18 & Older: 7:05pm to 8:35pm(First class June 12th)
$180 for 6 weeks

To reserve your spot, message me below (space is limited). You will get a confirmation email that your spot in class is reserved.


You will be learning Improv Comedy!

(But, you don't have to be funny!)

If you've ever wanted to feel more confident in front of 1 person or 1000 people, improv is what you need.  To be able to think quicker on your feet, be able to get on stage and feel empowered, to be a leader in your family or at work... improv!  That's exactly what this class will do for you.  You will be taken on a journey that will give you laughter, community, family, and more importantly, tools that you can use to change your life forever.  Once you know what improv can do for your life you will wonder, "why didn't I sign up sooner?"

"Why didn't I sign up sooner?"

Some of the things you'll gain from this class:

  • - Think quicker on your feet
  • - Feel more comfortable in social settings
  • - Become more approachable 
  • - Break through walls that have been holding you back
  • - AND at the end of the 6 weeks you will be able to invite friends and family to come see you perform in an improv show with your class!  


Time Left Till Class BEGINS!


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